Marina C. Hanes, BA, ELS is a writer, editor, and content manager who believes in engagement and education through content. In her full-time gig as a copywriter at Cat's Eye Editing, LLC, a company she founded in 2007, she has written web and print content for 50+ clients. 




Clients include Outdora, EcoHearth, Digital University, St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital (formerly St. Elizabeth Health Center), 1-800-Recycling, Vegan Mainstream, PetLvr, Kosmic Life, EmpowerHer, Paper Store, Parson, Latimer & Judge, Wedding Colony, About My Planet, Wing Girl, Yeepet, Flaunt Me, Bright Hub, and Demand Studios.

As a medical editor at Cactus Communications and a research assistant at a non-profit health care organization, Marina has managed manuscript production and submission, prepared Institutional Review Board documentation, and coordinated research studies.

Also experienced in communications for corporate and ecommerce brands, she has written press releases, product descriptions, 'About Us' pages, flyers, educational courses, and more.